Susan decided to run in 2015 as a candidate for District 2 to restore civility to the board room, and address the loss of educators to other school districts. While the district has made good progress on both goals, Susan continues to be concerned about losing teachers, and will work to make sure teacher salaries in JeffCo are competitive with comparable districts. Susan’s continued vision is to provide all 86,000 students with a great education and opportunities to ensure they are all career or college ready by the time they graduate. In order to achieve this goal, JeffCo schools must push for greater equity in our programs and facilities for all students. Susan will continue addressing the diverse needs of our populations, and seek to close the achievement gap. Not all kids plan attend college/university. There are many great career paths available for these kids, and our district must continue expanding options for alternative pathways like the Buildings and Trades Pre-Apprenticeship Work Readiness Program at Arvada High School, and the programs offered at Warren Tech. While Susan believes that accountability is necessary, the goal is to maximize the time in the classroom for teaching, not “teaching to a test.” Susan is working to establish reliable methods of testing that provide immediate results that can assist the child, educator, and family in meeting the individual needs of each child’s success. Susan has been able to increase the supports for mental health in our schools, and will continue to make this a priority.

Susan strives to ensure that the community’s voice is reflected in her current decisions on the board by attending monthly PTA, Accountability Committee, and Community Connection meetings-meetings serving all elementary, middle, and high schools in articulation areas across the County.