About Susan

0136DSC_2627-EditSusan earned her undergraduate degree from University of Colorado Boulder and her J.D from Santa Clara University of Law. Susan moved to Jefferson County in 1997 to start her family with her husband, Larry. They chose Jefferson County, like so many parents, because of its thriving community and renowned public schools. Susan is deeply invested in the success of our children’s education being a mother of two who attend Jefferson County Schools. Susan’s passion for strengthening her community through supporting Jefferson County schools can be seen by her 10 years of volunteer work on PTA boards and accountability committees. Susan served as the PTA board President at Rooney Ranch Elementary for 2 years; 3 years as the Second Vice-President; and 4 years as the Legislative Liaison. Susan has been able to directly influence legislation impacting Jefferson County schools, families, and kids, as the District 2 PTA Parent Representative for Elected Officials. She also served for a year on the Homesteaders Auxiliary Board, a committee supporting Family Homestead- a nonprofit providing emergency and transitional housing, and services for homeless families. She continues to stay involved with Homesteaders by volunteering to adopting families in need over the holidays, and participating in back-to-school supply drives. Susan is a small business owner of a family law practice in Lakewood. She has spent her professional career working to find best outcomes for families and children.

Her favorite place to be is in the school because there is nothing like spending time in the presence of committed teachers, administrators, and of course, the children.

“I have worked with teachers, parents, administrators, and kids all across the spectrum while volunteering on boards and in the classroom. I am running for re-election so I can continue to share my passion, knowledge, and firsthand experience with all stakeholders and work collaboratively to make sure all kids have the opportunities my kids have had.”
-Susan Harmon